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Art Director: Daniel Pujol, Nidal Koteich, Lisette Azulay. Copywriter: Agustina Lavignasse


The opioid crisis has reached epidemic proportions in the U.S. To raise awareness, while also reducing the stigma associated with opioid consumption, we made people relate to the problem throughout an everyday practice.

When binge-watching your favorite show, your brain produces dopamine, and your body experiences a drug like high.

Clio Health

Bronze Winner 2018


4th District Gold Winner

Miami ADDYS 4th District

Best Of Show Winner

Miami ADDYS Local Winner

Silver - Digital

National ADDYS Winner 2018

Young Ones Student

Awards Merit Winner

Summit Creative Awards


Miami Ad School Top Dog

Best of Show Winner 2018

Creativity International Awards

Bronze Winner 2018

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